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Winter Tips from a Pediatrician

1. Wear layers, which can provide extra warmth to younger babies and children, think of 1 extra layer then an adult would wear, be extra mindful of their hands, feet and ears as they can be more prone to frostbite.

2. Sunscreen is always necessary year around, even in the winter.

3. Safety first- always wear helmet when doing any snow activity such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or ice skating. Be sure to help kids learn how to use the equipment safely.

4. Stay hydrated- make sure kids are drinking plenty of water, dehydration can still happen in the winter. Our bodies are using more energy to stay warm and you don’t see signs of sweating or loss of fluids easily.

5. Caution around fires- as much as bonfires are so fun, be sure to practice caution and keep a distance from wood burning fire pits.

6. Indoor safety- this is such an important time to have working carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, especially in older homes if theres ever a concern with your HVAC, always get it checked by a certified technician. Children are much more sensitive to slight exposure of carbon monoxide and it can have very serious consequences.

7. Hygiene- continue to practice good hand washing skills throughout winter, keep the skin well moisturized after hand washing to prevent dry and cracked hands.

8. Puffy coats are dangerous in car seats because it does not allow you to properly buckle the straps and keep the child secure underneath. Always remove the puffy coat, strap the buckles, and tuck the coat around the child over the straps.

9. Take breaks from being in the cold, keep exposure to a minimum depending on the age.

10. Vaccinate! The most important think you can do to keep your kids safe is vaccinate them against vaccine preventable illnesses this season.

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